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EIFS Stucco Repair, Sarasota, FL

Exterior Insulation and Finishing System or most commonly referred to as EIFS system is a type of stucco exterior insulation system that is gaining popularity nowadays. The market for EIFS stucco is getting bigger as the technology is gaining more relevance most especially in this increasingly punishing weather. EIFS is an equally superior alternative for hardcoat stucco. What makes it even popular is that it is lighter because of its synthetic quality. EIFS system has multiple coats that act to function differently. These multiple layers with varying functionalities definitely improve the external walling of your house or commercial property. It performs well with keeping water out from your wall and decrease air passage which usually creates a problem with most stucco walling materials.

EIFS stucco has multiple coating. These layers have functions to keep water out and completely seal it from the air. It has an adhesive coating and a foaming layer together with a base coat. All of these layers are compressed firmly to create a compact material that is protected by a fiberglass mesh. The fiberglass mesh also helps in increasing its durability tenfold.

Why You Should Prefer an EIFS System

Stucco wall cladding made from EIFS stucco can increase the lifespan of your home or your commercial building. Despite the EIFS system being the lightest material amongst the family of stucco innovation, it has an incredible durability and reliability in almost any climate and weather system.

EIFS stucco performs well in a cold, wet climate and as well as hot and dry climate. It is gaining popularity in Asia most especially in the Middle East where the climate can be extremely hot or cold. Humidity is not a problem too as EIFS stucco is built to withstand any level of humidity in the air.

EIFS or the Exterior Insulation and Finishing System is a material of choice for every household and business owner. Stucco installation is easier because of its lightweight material. More so, transportation of EIFS stucco is preferred by stucco repair contractors and expert stucco repair professionals because they are prefabricated. Prefabrication substantially decreases the time of installation which is very rewarding on both stucco companies and their clients.   

We provide top-notch EIFS system installation and EIFS repair!

What Am I getting from EIFS System?


EIFS is pretty much the priced stucco innovation because of its performance. It also outperforms its more traditional exterior wall types such as brick and fibreboard. EIFS is lightweight but has the durability of hardcoat stucco and brick combined

Breathable characteristic

With an appropriate finishing or coating, EIFS can perform well and can even outlive any siding option available in the market. The importance of having a breathable siding or exterior wall is that it can decrease moisture build up. This means that less moisture can increase the wall exterior’s lifespan.

Thermal Efficiency

EIFS has a very high thermal efficiency. It has a high heat capacity which stores heat and does not allow it to be passed on to the whole house. Thus, increasing your energy consumption efficiency when you have a cooling system.

Before Your Consider Replacement, Try Our Top-Rated EIFS Repair

If you have an EIFS stucco, the worst decision that you will make is to replace it with another siding option. If you are on a tight budget, EIFS stucco is still the best option as it is more economical relative to its other alternative available in the market.

Patriot Stucco Repair is a company that specialized in EIFS Repair. Our stucco siding repair and stucco installation are some of the finest amongst other stucco repair contractors and stucco companies out there. Whether your stucco foam or your EIFS system are needing stucco repair, we have the best professional expert who can do the job for you.

Many who have thought of replacing their old EIFS stucco siding have thought twice because of the benefits that they will be giving up if they do so. Our professional expert and stucco contractors can lay down a hundred reasons why replacing your EIFS stucco is not the best and why you should consider repairing it instead.

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