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Hardcoat Stucco Repair, Sarasota, FL

Known for its durability and resilience, stucco is one of the best preferred exterior walls finishes by the market. Whether your property is residential or a commercial building, hardcoat stucco is one of the best to use. Hardcoat stucco has been in the market for quite some time now. With all the innovations and technological integration to further develop a more complex and reliable material, stucco has been held as the most reliable construction material for your home or your commercial building.  

Hardcoat Stucco or more commonly referred to as exterior plaster is a material that can preserve your house and shield it from external elements such as wind, water, sunlight, and dirt. The exterior component of hardcoat stucco is a heavy and durable plaster that is hardened by a special cement solution. The solution is a mixture of various raw materials including limestone, sand, and cement which makes the material durable and resilient. Stucco companies not only in the United States but all over Europe and Asia can testify to its superior quality. However, despite having such a reputation, hardcoat stucco is not completely invulnerable from damages. Most of the time, stucco crack repairs are caused by poor quality materials, poor application, and installation, or the combination of both. Remember that stucco application during construction is a specialty. Application of this requires skill and knowledge not to mention the construction tools that are required to make it even possible to use it to construct the exterior walling of your home or commercial building. In some cases, damages such as stucco patch, stucco repair cracks, and stucco siding damages are caused by deterioration which is quite expected with the passage of time.

Why Hardcoat Stucco Repair Is Important

You may not know this but your hardcoat stucco is still vulnerable to damages. While it has the reputation to be durable and resilient in almost any type of weather and climate conditions, in time, it will still require some repair.

Stucco repair is imperative most especially when you are seeing small cracks, patches, and holes in your stucco. Usually, most of homeowners and business owners will ignore these repairable portions of their exterior walls. Most professional stucco repair contractors would know that a small crack or even a hole caused by a hard or sharp object may bring even bigger problems. A small crack can gradually turn into a big hole or a patch when left untended.

Patriot Stucco Repair is one of the leading stucco companies that can do just about anything that you need for your stucco or wall needs. Our professional experts are licensed and have received years of training to improve and become the best in what they do. Our team of professional experts in stucco repair can do exterior stucco repair, stucco patch repair, stucco removal, stucco hole repair, and stucco ceiling repair. We have the best stucco repair contractors who will give exactly what you need.

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Damages to Look Out for Before Getting a Hardcoat Stucco Repair

Spotting damages on your stucco can be hard and laborious sometimes. But there are a few points that you can take so that you know that your hardcoat stucco is up for a professional maintenance and repair. Patriot Stucco Repair and its professional experts and stucco contractors have prepared some basic and essential points to take so that you know when it is up for maintenance or repair:

Thin Cracks

Thin cracks are the most common damage of hardcoat stucco. There are a few reasons why your exterior hardcoat stucco has cracks. Sometimes, even the slightest movement on the ground which is caused by earthquakes can create small cracks. Another reason is the poor application and use of substandard materials. Thus, you require stucco repair cracks.

Wall Swells

Bulges are a sign that there was a problem inside your stucco. It may be caused by the wrong application of the material which caused the material to bend or leave an air pocket big enough to create bulges or more commonly called wall swellings.


Even though stains are common, most of the time, they require more than your regular household cleaning materials. While most stains are easily removable, some stains require more complex compounds and chemicals. However, you should never do it on your own as it will require professional knowledge to ensure that the chemical will not further damage the wall of your ceiling.

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