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New homeowners, especially those who are taking full charge of the construction and finishing of their houses, are often surprised and overwhelmed by the variety of choices in the market for every aspect of their home. There are plenty of roofing materials, paint, floor, dividers to choose from. Even the mailbox can be built with just about anything. One of the most important decisions they have to make, however, is choosing the right material for their home’s exterior walls as well as their interior walls. 

Now, there are many reasons why stucco remains as most homeowners’ top choice when it comes to choosing their house’s siding, cladding, or exterior. Stucco is some of the most durable material in the market. On average, the lifespan of a stucco is about 50 years and that is already with little to no maintenance. This makes it one of the most impressive materials in the market. Stucco has fire-resistant, water-resistant, as well as mold and rot-resistant properties within it. It is also an excellent insulator which makes it pretty much energy efficient too as it can keep your home warm in colder months and cold in warmer months. These are all the reasons why houses with stucco siding systems also tend to have a higher value in the housing market. 

Of course, all of these benefits would depend on how it was installed or applied by your stucco contractors.

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Stucco is one of the most popular exterior materials for most homeowners and business owners here in Siesta Key, FL. Patriot Stucco Repair exists precisely to answer the demand in the area for higher and better-quality stucco siding system as well as EIFS system by using high-quality stucco materials and investing in training our stucco contractors to make sure they can perform all sorts of stucco repair services from exterior stucco repair to interior stucco patch repair. 

Our true expertise in stucco repair services as one of the top-rated stucco repair companies in Siesta Key, FL, has allowed us to become one of the most trusted one-stop-shop for all stucco repair services needs. Our commitment to quality without overcharging or exaggerating stucco repair cost has allowed us to rise above ranks as one of the most highly rated stucco companies in the area. 

It is, of course, very important that you only hire reputable expert stucco repair and installation contractors to avoid everything that can go wrong. You would not want your stucco system to be improperly installed or for your stucco contractor to use substandard material that can potentially cost you more in the future when your walls start to absorb moisture and suffer from water damage all of a sudden. By only hiring a professional stucco contractor, you get to enjoy all the benefits stucco as a material has to offer and minimize all the risks altogether. This allows you to really get what you paid for. 

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Our Stucco Repair Services

Now, while stucco is incredibly durable as an exterior and interior material for your home, it is not indestructible. If it was improperly installed or if the materials used were substandard or mixed with products or additives it should not have been mixed with, stucco’s integrity as a material can quickly and surely falter. In cases when you suspect a crack or water damage, be sure to immediately call for stucco repair companies for their stucco repair contractors to get it assessed and fixed before it leads to any bigger problems. As with anything, the key here is to fix and address problems as early as you can. It is the most effective way to mitigate any more damage and cost it can cause. 

Patriot Stucco Repair offers a strong variety of stucco repair services from stucco siding repair, stucco repair cracks, EIFS repair, stucco patch repair, stucco crack repair, stucco ceiling repair, stucco hole repair, and stucco wall repair. We offer these exterior stucco repair services along with services like EIFS installation, stucco installation, stucco foam preparation, stucco refinishing, and stucco removal. 

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Still thinking about whether stucco is the right material for your home or are you suspecting or have noticed any sort of damage, crack, or hole in your stucco wall? If you are in the Siesta Key, FL area or nearby, contact Patriot Stucco Repair right away and our stucco repair contractors would be right with you as soon as possible.