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Stucco Installation and Stucco Refinishing, Sarasota, FL

If you are thinking of bringing your home to the next level, you might as well switch to stucco. Stucco hardcoat and Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS) are two of the best stucco siding and stucco walling solutions that are available in the market. Most contemporary houses and commercial buildings are now switching to stucco for a number of reasons. Stucco performs best when it comes to durability and resiliency. A properly installed stucco can last up to two to three decades without requiring major repairs. The key to a long lasting stucco for your home and commercial building is proper maintenance. In the absence of proper maintenance, your stucco’s lifespan can be reduced to half or even shorter depending on its condition and the external factors that it receives daily.  

Proper stucco installation can result in the best performance of your stucco. In order to do so, make sure that you research on stucco companies and stucco contractors and only hire the best company for your stucco needs. There are a few things that you need to know about stucco installation in order for your stucco to perform at its optimal level. 1) Good quality materials, 2) Proper Stucco Installation, and 3) Proper Maintenance. All of these can be delivered only by the best stucco companies such as the Patriot Stucco Repair. The latter part which is the maintenance can be done on a regular basis without even having to worry about costs. You, as the owner of your property, can maintain your exterior stucco repair for walls and stucco sidings by cleaning them using water provided that is sealed and waterproofed properly by your stucco contractors.

Stucco Refinishing: How is it done?

If you are already using a stucco for your home or commercial building’s exterior walls and ceilings, then you are in a good position in preserving your property. In many cases where proper maintenance and cleaning are done, homeowners can enjoy the robust performance of their stucco of up to two to three decades. That is worth the price that you paid during the stucco installation process!

Despite having its durable and resilient characteristics, time can get your stucco to deteriorate and weaken. This is normal for your stucco as it ages. However, you do not have to worry that you need stucco removal from experts and stucco contractors. Solutions such as stucco refinishing are already available in order to save money. There are three methods of stucco refinishing:


It is the most common refinishing method on stucco. Re-stuccoing means choosing the same finish to bring back its brand new look. If your stucco is painted, paints are initially removed before applying primers and cement. The last method of re-stuccoing is rinsing in order to remove debris and loose material on the surface.

Fog Coating

It is basically altering the color of the stucco to another preferred color. It is often done when the paint of your stucco does not longer meet your standards. In some cases, the stucco surface is pressure washed to prepare and clean the surface from loose materials and debris.

Acrylic/ Elastomeric Refinishing

It is applied to bridge small cracks and smoothen uneven surfaces. Elastomeric finishing material is ideal for all kinds of materials most especially in smooth stucco finishes.

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Can a Refinished Stucco last up to a decade?

A refinished stucco, assuming that everything is done properly and the methodology is done the right way, refinished stucco can last up to a decade or two with minor repairs required. Refinished stucco can regain its robust quality as long as the materials that were used are up to the standard. That is why it is important to hire only the best stucco companies and stucco repair contractors, so you do not have to ask them to repeat the repair or refinishing after a few years. 

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Patriot Stucco Repair is one of the stucco companies that offer high quality stucco repair services. Our experts can do just about anything down to stucco patch, stucco foam, and stucco siding. We both have a stucco hard coat and EIFS system that meets your needs. We also do consultation and assessment of your area before we recommend the best stucco option for you. Patriot Stucco Repair offers an array of stucco repair services and stucco installation services. We are your one stop shop for your stucco needs. Our experts receive years of training and workshop which put them on the top list when it comes to stucco expertise and knowledge. 

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