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Stucco Patching and Waterproofing, Sarasota, FL

Stucco is said to be the best material for your exterior wall. It has been available in the market for years and its recent development has made stucco a top-notch product and material for stucco repair contractors. Many stucco repair services include stucco application and stucco installation. These services are not available for many stucco companies for the last ten years. However, the growing popularity of stucco has made companies to adopt and include this product or service in their portfolio as it is very profitable and many homeowners and business owners prefer it more than any other siding options.

The recent development and innovation in the stucco material made it even more durable and resilient from many external factors brought by natural forces such as wind, heat, water, and dirt. Because of this, it gained its reputation as the strongest and most durable material for your exterior wall options. The best thing about stucco is that it is relatively cheaper and very economical. Its lifespan is expected to last up to two to three decades if applied and installed properly. Stucco is a hybrid of cement and acrylic which made the material more durable and resilient while having its lightweight characteristics.

Is My Stucco Low Maintenance?

To some extent, stucco is very low maintenance. However, in order to have a low maintenance stucco exterior walls and stucco sidings, you need to hire the best stucco companies. Dealing with a mediocre stucco contractor may only lead to future headaches and a very costly maintenance. The key to a less painful relationship with your stucco is to choose the right company to do it for you. Most if not all companies deliberately use substandard and low quality stucco materials. This makes the overall quality of the stucco siding and EIFS system very delicate. Having a quality stucco can increase your home’s exterior wall’s lifespan. In addition, you do not have to maintain it very often as cleaning it with water to remove dirt and soil should be enough already.

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What is the best solution for my Stucco?

After stucco installation whether it is an EIFS system or a Stucco hardcoat, we would like to tell you that you have chosen the best option for your home’s exterior. But what is the next right thing to do if you already have your stucco fixed on to your home or commercial property’s walls?

In order to avoid any stucco crack repair, stucco hole repair, and stucco patch repair, you need to waterproof your walls. Waterproofing your walls can get you a long way in preserving your home’s exterior walls. In order to improve the resiliency and durability of your stucco, stucco companies apply waterproofing solutions in order to keep unnecessary waters out from the inner layers of your stucco. The reason why we want to keep water out from the inner layers of your walls is that water basically damages the inner layers of the stucco.

Waterproofing and stucco patch services help in maintaining the quality of your stucco siding and stucco exterior walls. It prolongs its lifespan and preserves the natural beauty of it on the outside. More so, waterproofing the stucco makes it even more weatherproof. A weatherproofed stucco sidings can last up to decades.

Why DIY solutions are often not ideal?

Many homeowners and commercial property owners choose DIY solutions. While there is science in these kinds of solutions, there is a higher risk that you doing the job yourself can result in an unintended outcome. Many have thought that not hiring stucco companies can minimize cost. However, without proper knowledge, skills, and tools to repair, maintain, and even do stucco installation, your wall’s state can only be worsen. Thus, it is always best to consult a professional and someone who does stucco installation, and stucco repair for a living. There is a reason why there are stucco walls that lasts up to a decade and stucco walls that are up for stucco wall repair and/or stucco removal in a matter of two to three years.

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Let not the worry about having to spend stops you from protecting your home especially the exterior walls of your property. A healthy wall already means a healthy home. Do not undermine the importance of your walls. It is important to waterproof and does some stucco patching on your stucco wall in order to protect it completely and seal it from dirt, water, and dust. 

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