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You might think that your stucco is protected but think again. Despite doing finishing touches on your stucco, it still needs to be protected from punishing elements. This is true most especially in places where there is a high amount of rainfall and wind. You might not know this already but water can easily destroy or damage your stucco walling or sidings. Both Stucco hardcoat and the Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS), when not treated properly are very vulnerable to water. This leaves your stucco in a bad condition. Although many stucco companies know the proper method and process in applying and installing stucco including the finishing and sealing, there are still stucco companies that have not applied this practice yet. In many cases, low budget or cost cutting firms may do projects that are incomplete or substandard in quality. In such cases, stucco repair is more frequent than usual. And what does this mean? Costly stucco repairs which we know you do not want with your property.

Why Seal Your Stucco

A common misconception in construction practices is that when you have applied to finish on your stucco, you may skip the sealing part. However, this practice will only do harm and can be costly in the long run. Sealing is important to protect your stucco whether it is a stucco hardcoat or an EIFS system to protect it from damaging agents such as water, wind, heat, and dirt. It is true that during the stucco installation and application process, sealing is not required. However, this little extra cost can get you a very long way in preserving your stucco wall.

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How Should I Take Care of My Stucco Wall?

The very first right thing to do when taking care of your stucco wall is to have it sealed by your local stucco repair contractors. Just think of your stucco wall as your skin. It is exposed to constant pressure from many damaging agents such as water, heat, dirt, and wind. Without the proper protection, you cannot expect optimal performance for your stucco wall or stucco siding.  

Cleaning your stucco wall by watering is one of the easiest and energy saving ways to protect your stucco from deteriorating. However, you cannot just constantly water your stucco walls when you have not yet applied stucco sealing on them. The chances of water entering the inner parts of your stucco wall is high. Thus, creating unnecessary effects such as bristling and in some cases, molds may appear. The danger of unsealed stucco does not only reside on your wall’s health but the overall health of your house and the members of your family.

Do not wait for your walls to deteriorate in quality just because you do not want some extra expenses. Usually, stucco repair companies charge a very minimal amount for stucco wall repair and stucco patch repair. It goes a long way having your stucco to be repaired and maintained appropriately than having it to be removed for a new one. So, next time you see holes, cracks, or patches on your stucco wall, make sure to call your local stucco contractors for any stucco repair services. Remember that prevention is always better than cure.

There is a proper way of sealing your stucco so your wall’s breathability can stay at its normal state. But what is breathability really for stucco and what does it mean for the health of your walls? Most owners do not know this but breathability is important when it comes to your house or commercial buildings’ exterior. Breathability means that it is able to endure water and moisture brought by weather and climate changes, but still able to allow air passage providing enough air circulation within the stucco itself.

There is a misconception that waterproofing alone can solve the issue of breathability. However, improper application of waterproofing can cause more harm than good. That is why it is important to consult with experts and professionals in stucco repair services and stucco installation. Make sure that you hire only the best for your property may it be a residential or a commercial building.

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