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Stucco Water Damage Repair, Sarasota, FL

There are a few reasons why your hardcoat stucco or even your Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS) needs repair and one of the most common reasons we found is water damage. Water is the most typical damaging agent in stucco. And the fact that water is so common and is frequently used to clean many surfaces including your exterior walls which in this case, may be stucco, can result in damage. One of the common reasons why water can be harmful and damaging for your exterior wall is poor quality. Stucco companies that offer stucco repair services commonly see that the problem with stucco walling and sidings having been damaged by water is its poor quality.

Poor quality of stucco materials enormously decreases its effectiveness and resilience against various potentially damaging elements such as wind, water, sunlight, and dirt. Despite its strong foundation and the technology that goes with its innovative features, having poor quality of these materials may still result in poor performance. Secondly, improper application and installation of stucco either it’s a hardcoat stucco or an Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS) or EIFS system can result in breakage and cracks when frequently watered. The natural process of wetting and drying can turn the stucco into a brittle state.

What Can Water Do to My Stucco?

You may not know this but water is a very complex component that can break anything on its path. For instance, the reason why there are caves and rock formations along coastlines areas is that the water keeps hitting the rocks which is called weathering and erosion happens when the bits of rocks are transferred away from their original position. This is the same with stucco. The constant exposure of your stucco walling or siding may it be a hardcoat or an Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS) stucco can make the material brittle. For many cases, there may be cracks, patches, and holes that can be seen as time goes by. If you see small cracks, patches, and even holes, it is time to call your stucco contractors. It is important that you address these problems before they get worse with our exterior stucco repair services.

Undermining small damages on your stucco can result in a more problematic and costly problem. If your home or even your commercial property has these stucco damages, it is important to consult a stucco expert repair company. Stucco contractors may require stucco removal only if the state of your stucco walling or sidings are worst and beyond repair. However, stucco repair contractors may try to apply stucco patch repair or stucco crack repair depending on the state of the stucco.

While water is the most common damaging agent for stucco, that does not mean your stucco cannot and must not be watered. After all, stucco is made to protect your home from external elements such as wind, heat, dirt, and rain. If your stucco cannot withstand even a strong wind, then you know that there must be something wrong with your stucco siding and walling.

Stucco hardcoat and EIFS system is specially designed to withstand harsh climate conditions. The reason why stucco is gaining popularity in the Middle East, South East Asia, and the rest of Europe is that the material that has undergone rigorous technological research, development, and material innovation is very ideal for these counties.

If you are wondering if you should absolutely avoid watering your stucco, the answer is definitely no. An excellent stucco installation using the best material instead of substandard materials can withstand water despite being exposed to it very frequently. Homeowners and commercial business owners should not worry that their exterior walling and sidings can be damaged easily by water. After all, the exterior of your house should be the most resilient and durable part of your property.

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One of the problems that many homeowners or business owners have is that their stucco is at its worst state and in some cases, it may be beyond repair already. The reason for this is that most individuals undermine the importance of maintenance. There are a lot of cases where small stucco patch, stucco cracks, and stucco holes are already present but being ignored. Remember that frequent heat, water, and wind can make the stucco and the surrounding of the damaged stucco even more brittle. This small problem can lead to bigger problems which can be costly in the end. That is why do not commit the same mistakes. 

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